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Divorce Support Group

Divorce is one of the hardest things a person can experience. The breakup of a marriage or long term committed relationship is life altering. It's very similar to a death and it can take a lot of energy to get through it. Even when former spouses are both doing their best to be fair with one another, divorce can trigger feelings of intense sadness, grief, regret, fear, betrayal and anger. Those feelings are magnified if there is animosity with one another or if children are a part of the marriage. It can become exhausting to just get through one day.

A lot of people feel alone while divorcing. Seeing friends and relatives enjoying their marriage and family while yours is breaking up can be heartbreaking. Loneliness is common for divorcees and getting support, especially from people who have been through a divorce and know what you are going through, can be a huge relief. The experience of being heard and understood can break the feelings of loneliness. Being part of a group of non judgmental peers who are focused on giving support and encouragement to each other can make the difficult divorce process much easier. Also, the wisdom of others who are further along in the process can help with making smart moves and avoiding common pitfalls in your own divorce.

The Divorce Support Group is here to give you a space to share feelings and thoughts about your divorce with others who deeply relate. The weekly meetings are designed to support, encourage, inform and motivate the members and are guided by Your Place For Counseling therapists Elrita Godbold and Amy Pickens who intimately understand the difficult process of divorce. Each group meeting will be opened up to the members who will share stories and experiences that have troubled or touched them and receive support and empathy from the others who are present. Knowledge and guidance will also be available if members have questions or concerns about what they are experiencing or fears about the future.

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